Floridienne LS Division

100% out of nature for a sustainable future.

Floridienne LS Division

FLORIDIENNE Life Sciences produces and markets natural technologies and products in agriculture, parapharmaceuticals, agri-foodstuffs, cosmetics and health care. Some of these offer environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives to existing chemical products.

As world leader in plant proteases and ranked second in the world in integrated pest management, the life sciences division of the Floridienne Group also invests in innovative solutions, in particular in the field of chemical communication through receptors associated with taste and olfaction in human and insects.

The FLORIDIENNE Life Sciences division oversees

Four companies

  • Biobest
  • Enzybel
  • ChemCom
  • Sotecna

The FLORIDIENNE Life Sciences, oversees four companies: Biobest, Enzybel International, ChemCom, and Sotecna.

They offer natural products and solutions for agriculture and well-being.

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