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Through its subsidiaries FLORIDIENNE Life Sciences provides ecological and sustainable solutions to existing chemicals products. Creating natural solutions rely on biodiversity such as crop management, plant derived enzymes, sustainable vanilla and spices, specific essential oils, snail extracts and innovative solutions, especially in chemical communication.


The Life Sciences division of the Floridienne Group is active in the production and marketing of natural technologies and products in agriculture, parapharmaceuticals, agri-foodstuffs, cosmetics, perfume and health care. Some of these represent environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives to existing chemical products.

Ecological alternatives

Through Biobest, FLORIDIENNE Life Sciences promotes the productivity of certain crops thanks to pollination by bumblebees. The group also puts forward alternatives to pesticides by making beneficial insects, mites and microbes available to farmers. Through ChemCom, FLORIDIENNE Life Sciences is developing natural solutions to protect crops by using chemical communication as a language for plants and insects.

Ecological alternatives
Well-being and human health

Well-being and human health

FLORIDIENNE markets high-quality natural products used in the food, cosmetics and parapharmaceutical sectors: vanilla, green pepper (Sopral), essential oils (Sotenca) and plant-based enzymes (Enzybel International). ChemCom is also developing new technologies that can help keep bad smells in check. These so-called ‘blocking’ molecules are intended for industries such as deodorants, washing detergents, cleaning products, ambiance products, etc.


Biobest and ChemCom play an active role in the preservation of biodiversity by offering product ranges that specifically target pests, thereby preserving natural beneficial species. Used in low doses, they help reduce residue quantities both on food products and in the environment. Moreover, they are unlikely to prompt the emergence of resistant strains.


With two-figure growth, the Life Sciences division is consolidating the soundness of its economic model. This is an industrial division that dovetails perfectly with the Floridienne strategy favoring an approach at once innovative and ecological in the products it develops. Creativity is at the heart of our business. It’s part of our DNA, be it through our pollinating insects or enzymes serving as biological catalysts. Protecting and developing biodiversity within our business operations and trough our entire value chain is part of our responsibility and commitment towards sustainable development.

Christian Van OsselaerManaging Director of the Life Sciences division

Floridienne Group

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Floridienne is a Belgian industrial group that ranks among the European or world leaders in a number of market niches and niche markets. Its activities centre on three sectors: Chemicals, Gourmet Food and Life Sciences.

The group consists of around thirty companies, in most of which it has a majority holding. These companies all share common values with regard to entrepreneurial spirit, respect for the individual and honouring commitments, with a view to sustainable development and openness to the world. Floridienne Group is quoted on the Brussels Euronext Stock Exchange, giving it the international visibility and access to capital markets necessary for its development.


The Floridienne Life Sciences division oversees

Six companies

  • Biobest
  • Enzybel
  • ChemCom
  • Sopral
  • Sotecna
  • Kamapim
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