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ChemCom is the leading discovery company for products and services related to chemical communications mediated by human olfactory and taste receptors.


smart biotech for odor management

ChemCom offers unique and patented technological platform based on an exclusive worldwide license acquired from Duke University (USA). Its offices are located in Brussels on the Medical Campus of the ULB where it currently employs 12 persons.

The findings have been gathered in a database that enables the Company to reproduce an artificial nose expressing the whole repertoire of human olfactory receptors (GPCR’s) The applications of Chemcom’s research allow for the development of new products and technologies for consumer’s needs in the area of Flavours & Fragrances, but also all industries facing odour or taste issues.

The applications of ChemCom’s research allow for the development of new products and technologies for consumers‘ needs in multiple areas.

In the Flavour and Frangrance industry, the main focus of the Company, ChemCom’s platform and product portfolios represent an innovative approach with successful solutions for :

  • Malodor counteraction
  • Development of new fragrances materials
  • Elaboration of cost effective formulations


Thanks to the therapeutic characteristics of GPCRs (G Protein-Coupled receptor), ChemCom’s research can also be valorized in pharmaceutical markets (Drug Discovery: oncology, immunology, obesity, diabetes).

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