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Enzybel International is an international leading processor and trader in natural extracts for food, pet food, nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Enzybel International, Blue Star Chemicals and Enzybel Asia Pacific have been developing plant derived enzymes for decades. While continually expanding our knowledge in this, we use our ever-growing expertise to improve the products we offer our customers.

As a major player in this field, we are well aware of our responsibilities and we take them seriously; through investment in sustainability and in our people. Our social engagement makes us looking beyond our own manufacturing facilities as we strive to improve the whole chain.

We invest in efficiency, tightly coordinating all processes in order to deliver high quality products with full traceability at competitive prices.

Enzybel International, Blue Star Chemicals and Enzybel Asia Pacific are also member of AMFEP and BHIG in order to serve you even better.



BROMELAIN is the collective name for the enzymes found in various members of the Bromeliaceae family. Enzymos Asia Pacific /PT BE extracts and purifies Bromelain naturally from pineapple stems following the GMP and API’s regulations. Our Indonesian production plant PT BE is located in the middle of pineapple plantation in the south of Sumatra Island.

CRISTALASE® has been developed on the well-known action of papain (active substance extracted from the green papaya fruit) on the phenoloprotein bindings formed during cold storage of beer and which are causing chill haze.

CRISTALFOAM®, a cream-white powder, based on vegetal protein hydrolisates, is easily soluble and improves foam stability of the beer head (head retention) as well as the cling (foam rings adhering to wall of glass). Increase of measured foam stability can reach 50% and more depending on existing foam positive or negative elements.

PERFORMASE® & Xtrase® are Enzyme preparations, for food use containing Endopeptidase and are extracted, purified, standardized in different formulations by ENZYBEL & BSC in its State-of-the Art facility in Belgium.

FICIN is purified from the latex of the fig tree Ficus glabrata or Ficus anthelmintica.

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