Biobest – The annual Fethiye Agritech exhibition is attracting increasing visitor numbers year on year. Now in its sixth year, this regional event has exceeded 22,500 visitors for the first time. Biobest Antalya once again exhibited showcasing its locally produced beneficial insects, which generated plenty of interest.

“As it grows Fethiye Agritech is attracting visitors, including growers, distributors and students, from other regions of Turkey,” says Biobest Antalya’s Çağlar Çiftçi. “Regional fairs provide great opportunities to reach Turkish growers, who welcome such events giving them easy access to current and new products and technologies.”

Biobest Antalya started producing two beneficial insects – Nesidiocoris tenuis and Orius laevigatus – towards the end of 2015 becoming the first commercial mass producer in Turkey. Fethiye Agritech provided an opportunity for visitors to see these two beneficial insects in close up.

“Sweet pepper is still the number one crop for IPM in Turkey,” explains Çağlar. “However, the introduction of locally produced Nesidiocoris is now set to boost adoption of IPM technology in Turkish tomato crops – with over 24,000ha of production. Biobest’s product quality and experienced technical services puts it in a strong position to develop this market.

“Turkey’s main export market for vegetables is currently Russia. The market is looking for alternative export destinations not influenced by political issues. IPM provides a path to reach this goal.

“Biobest sustainable crop protection strategies are set to play a significant role in Turkey’s future export business.”

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