Sotecna diversifies its range of natural ingredient products

Sotecna is an innovative Belgium-based company whose main activity is the production of 100% pure and natural Essential Oils. Sotecna is internationally renowned for the high quality of its products. Its customers are leaders in the Flavor & Fragrance industries.

Since January 2016, Sotecna proudly took over the production and commercialization of snail extract and Enzymatic Products (detergent) from his sister company Enzybel .

In addition to the production site of Lessines fully dedicated to essential oil distillation, Sotecna has a new warehouse where the snail extract, enzymatic products are made. Located in the industrial zoning of Ghislenghien, the plant also handle the storage and the logistics.

Sotecna diversifies its range of products aiming to offer to his customers a pallet of natural ingredients for their applications in fields as varied as flavors, fragrances, cosmetics and nutraceutics.

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