SOTECNA participate with its sister company ENZYBEL to the HI NI Fair in Frankfurt

We thank all the visitors, customers and colleagues for visiting our booth at the HI NI FranKfurt 2016.

We hope they enjoyed our hospitality.

The fair was a great success for Sotecna both Snails extract and Essential oil activities. This ingredients Event gave us the opportunity to showcase all our products, which generated a great interest.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or feedback you may have following the exhibition.

We will be very happy to receive your enquiry and we hope you enjoyed our products and the fair.

A special thanks is extended to Hungry Minds for making the event so successful by designing our outstanding booth.

Sotecna is an innovative Belgium-based company whose main activity since its inception in the 1950’s is the production of 100% pure and natural Essential Oils in Lessines. In 2006, The company became part of Biofirst, the Life Science division of Floridienne ( a listed Belgian company specialized in niche markets). Since 2015, Sotecna proudly took over the production and commercialization of snail extract and Enzymatic Products in Ghislenghien from his sister company Enzybel.