ENZYBEL GROUP and PHYTOZYMES partners in a joint venture : ENZYBEL INDIA, a new leader in papain

Waterloo (Belgium) – Delhi (India), 30 August 2018



ENZYBEL GROUP and PHYTOZYMES partners in a joint venture:

ENZYBEL INDIA, a new leader in papain.



ENZYBEL GROUP, the reference for natural enzymes solutions, is pleased to announce a joint venture with PHYTOZYMES ENTERPRISES setting up ENZYBEL INDIA. This promising company will position itself as a leader on the Indian and Asian market of papain, producing “out of nature” enzymes.
A unique opportunity to secure supplementary sourcing and production and develop new markets and applications.

The joint venture was announced this morning at FI India, the major trade show for food and health ingredients. According to Christian Van Osselaer, CEO of Enzybel Group, acting as the majority shareholder, Enzybel India will position the group at the center of Indian and Asian markets: “We have an important role to contribute here, producing papain with the best standards, out of nature products as always. Respect of environment and sustainability are crucial for us, as well as innovation. We are confident that Enzybel India, with our local and skilled Indian CEO, partners and employees, will play a key role on the market. We are also very proud to partner with people who share our goals and have the same values”.


Enzybel India, acting as the majority shareholder of the new papain factory, will benefit of the high level of expertise of its local team. For Vinoth Kannan, CEO of Phytozymes, partnering with Enzybel opens the doors to a new future: “We all share the same vision. We decided to start Enzybel India because we want to combine our respective forces todevelop the Indian market. It is a growing market, one of the very important global markets for the future; especially for food and pharmaceuticals ingredients. Indian economy is very good”.


Since 2016, Enzybel Group is present in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s North Kivu province.
The group works closely with thousands of farmers in the area. For Enzybel, this investment will facilitate the geographic expansion of the market of papain and lead to the creation of more applications. Enzybel India also represents a complementary sourcing of material. According to Erwin Kooij, Sales Manager at Enzybel Group, the news has been warmly welcomed: “Our key customers, which are multinationals, are really satisfied and enthusiastic that our group opens a second country. It is not only for securing the supply chain but also to enable us to better cover the entire world needs”.



ENZYBEL is the enzyme division of Floridienne S.A. Our company is the reference for natural enzymes solutions. We develop animal & plant-derived enzymes and provide innovative solutions for the industry. The enzymes are produced for food & beverages, feed & petfood, pharma/nutraceuticals & technical, with a unique focus: highest quality products with full traceability at competitive prices. Enzybel Group strategy is aimed at sustainable and scalable growth.



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